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Husband's Efforts to Refuse to Provide Income Information and Documents Results in Nearly $20,00

After a year of trial, the Court grants the relief requested by Wife, represented by Attorney, A. Stephen Rocha, as to multiple issues before the Court. The Court adopts Wife’s later date of

separation based on the parties continuing to act as Husband and Wife after Husband’s stated date of separation.

The Court also grants Wife’s request to set aside a Marital Settlement Agreement prepared by Husband after his failure to properly provide financial disclosures to Wife. Husband is sanctioned $1,000.00 for failure to properly provide financial disclosures.

The Court also grants Wife’s request to set aside a previous child support order based on the fact that Husband had falsely stated his income, and kept secret undisclosed income from side jobs, despite filing multiple Income and Expense Declarations under penalty of perjury where he failed to disclose this income. The Court further grants Wife’s request for monetary sanctions against Husband for his refusal to comply with requested disclosures of financial information and documents, including affirmative attempts to hide income, which amounts to nearly an additional $15,000.00 in attorney’s fees and sanctions based on this conduct.

Finally, the Court grants additional attorney’s fees award in favor of Wife in the amount of $3,750.00 based on a disparity in income related to the litigation. As a result of help from Attorney Stephen Rocha’s representation, Wife was able to secure over $19,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs based on Husband’s ongoing and inappropriate conduct, to make misrepresentations regarding his income and attempts to hide financial information from Wife in order to prevent her from obtaining a fair support amount and property division in the divorce.

Attorney Stephen Rocha’s ongoing, aggressive, and competent representation in a complex case helped Wife move forward in achieving not only a fair result in her divorce, but also adequately punish Husband’s inappropriate and dishonest conduct in the divorce case.

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