December 21, 2019

Mother runs into court without notice to Father and gets restraining orders to protect herself and the parties’ daughter against Father based on misleading allegations that Father had taken the child out of California without her consent. Attorney Stephen Rocha is reta...

May 31, 2019

    Husband refused to share insurance proceeds with Wife after a fire of a community rental property.  Husband argued that he needed the funds to pay ongoing expenses for the rental property while it was being rebuilt.  Attorney Stephen Rocha filed a request of the co...

March 8, 2019

    After a year of trial, the Court grants the relief requested by Wife, represented by Attorney, A. Stephen Rocha, as to multiple issues before the Court. The Court adopts Wife’s later date of

separation based on the parties continuing to act as Husband and...

February 20, 2019

    Attorney Rocha's client was deployed while his wife sought spousal support from him. Despite efforts to reasonably settle the matter before the court date and Husband's employment, Wife wanted to proceed with the court date despite Husband being deployed....

August 21, 2018

Wife claimed that she could not return back to work based on her argument that her at home employment required special living arrangements.  The court found that Wife was voluntarily refusing to return back to work and imputed (treated) her as though she was working an...

August 17, 2018

Ex-Husband and his attorney enged in numerous delay tactics including misrepresentations to the court in pleadings and meritless legal claims for sanctions against Attorney Stephen Rocha and his client.  Attorney Stephen Rocha responded by aggressively and competently...

July 11, 2018

Wife and her attorney engaged in repeated refusals to comply with obligations to be cooperative and forthcoming about Wife's financial information.  This resulted in Husband wanting to depose her.  Wife and her attorney filed for a protective order to refuse to be depo...

April 16, 2018

Mother accused of abusing child aggressively fights for custody despite substantiated allegations against her by Child Welfare Services.  Mother blamed Father for the allegations of abuse.  Attorney Stephen Rocha not only successfully argued for custody in favor of Fat...

October 11, 2017

In a strategic move to get Husband to pay support to his former wife when he refused, Attorney Stephen Rocha employs innovative tactic and obtains order that current wife of Husband must pay support to wife through power of attorney over Husband's financial affairs.  C...

August 16, 2017

Attorney Stephen Rocha argues for Father to lose custody due to questionable and poor parenting to Mother (Client) who also asks to move-away with Father due to Mother's current military husband changing duty stations to East Coast of United States.  Mother granted cus...

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Current Wife to Pay Support to Husband's Former Wife

October 11, 2017

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